Project development and business consultancy in the flower industry


Project development focusing on the flower industry

For more than 25 years our core company BILAT HANDEL GmbH has been a reliable partner and supplier for flower production companies in the flower industry. During the past decades we have built up a wide network of international partner companies that enables us to develop and realize modern greenhouse projects together with strategical investors, and to cover all stages from the first idea up to the operations. We regard ourselves as a reliable partner and motor of our projects, targeting to achieve the max capitalization of the project shares of all involved partners. 

Based on this motivation, the portfolio of BILAT DEVELOPMENT includes the development of new greenhouse companies, restructuring and business reframing of existing companies (as, for instance, switching from vegetables to flower cultivation) and project-related business consultancy.   

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from the first idea up to the operations

Floriculture Consultancy

GREEN GUARANTY – from the first idea up to the operations

GREEN GUARANTY is a competency pool of experienced, highly-specialized companies in the fields of project planning, greenhouse construction, variety selection & planting material propagation and operational agro-technical support.

Together we perform for and with our clients, in order to develop and build state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities for flower cultivation in Russia and CIS – from the project planning up to the first sales of cut flowers, to lead our projects into a literally blooming future.

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