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Since 1995 we have been the official, exclusive representative of the company ROSEN TANTAU in many countries and regions around the globe, including Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Caucasus, Central Asia and Vietnam. ROSEN TANTAU is one of the leading rose breeders in the world, the headquarters of the company are located in Uetersen/ northern Germany next to Hamburg. Over there, new cut- and garden-rose varieties have been selected for more than 100 years, within a continuously ongoing breeding process. Over the decades ROSEN TANTAU has selected and launched many commercially successful, world-wide known rose varieties as, Freedom®, Revival® and Maritim®, to name only a few.

For nine years (2014 – 2023) we have been the official - and for gerbera exclusive - representative of the company HILVERDA FLORIST in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, developing and promoting local gerbera production.

In 2023 we have been appointed by the breeder and young-plant producer SCHREURS HOLLAND to become their exclusive representative in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Caucasus region and Central Asia for gerbera.

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The company ROSEN TANTAU is one of the leading rose breeders in the world. In the headquarters in Uetersen/ Germany, nearby Hamburg, new cut and garden rose varieties have been selected for more than 100 years, within a continuously ongoing breeding process. 

Our company has been exclusively appointed by ROSEN TANTAU since 1995 to serve the markets and professional cut rose producers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and further countries from the former Soviet Union. 

Many of our partners are able to produce own young plants locally and we provide to them the access to newest genuine ROSEN TANTAU variety selections.

Our distribution activities go hand in hand with the plant variety protection of ROSEN TANTAU in the named countries, in particular against unauthorized propagations of varieties

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The company SCHREURS HOLLAND from De Kwakel/ The Netherlands, nearby Amsterdam is one of the worldwide leading gerbera-breeders and young-plant producers with a huge variety portfolio. 

Our company has been appointed by SCHREURS HOLLAND in 2023 to exclusively serve the markets and professional gerbera producers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus region and Central Asia.

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Distribution & protection of varieties

Licensed production: a win-win-story for the producer and breeder

Many of our partners, who produce cut roses in industrial scales, are able to propagate young plants locally at own facilities, as soon as replantings and new plantings are scheduled. 

In this case we provide to the producer:

  • support to source clean starting marterial of the requested varieties for the propagation;
  • know-how transfer and training for the propagation staff for high propagation results and low failure rates.

On behalf of the breeder, in the present case, we take care that transnationally valid royalty contracts are being concluded, and the royalty fees for the propagated varieties are being paid by the producer.  

In total: a real win-win-story for both, producer and breeder. 

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